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Simple "Hearing Hacks"

August 3, 2015

Simple “Hearing Hacks”

If you’ve ever been on BuzzFeed, you’ve probably seen the phrase “life hacks.” These shortcuts and quick tricks have quickly become popular due to their comedic nature and practical applicability. 

We decided to imitate BuzzFeed and come up with five “hearing hacks” specific to hearing loss and hearing aids. See below for how to “hack” your hearing. 

1. Check your hearing and noise levels with smartphone apps:

Simple iPhone or Android applications like SoundCheck are great for quickly checking your hearing in the privacy of your own home. 

You can also use the sound level meter application to measure the surrounding noise levels of any environment. Use this feature to determine if and how quickly your hearing could be damaged and if hearing protection should be worn. 

2. A quick trick to hear speech or music better:

Research shows that the right and left ears each have their own unique talents. If you’re at a concert or a performance where you’re listening to music, turn your left ear. But, if Bill Gates makes a surprise appearance at a nearby auditorium, turn your right ear to process his speech and words.

3. Improve your listening skills:

Hearing loss can significantly impact your memory and speech discrimination, but using online and mobile training tools can help improve listening skills and memory capabilities. Apps and websites like HearCoach and ReadMyQuips  work your hearing muscles, but are not hard to use. 

4. Experience better hearing in restaurants:

Restaurants are a difficult place to communicate with anyone, even if you don’t have hearing loss. For a better listening experience, check out these tips:

  • Request a quiet spot – The clanking of dishes in the kitchen and fans cheering for their favorite team at the bar are a problem for anyone who has a hard time hearing. Find a quiet spot where you can focus on who is speaking.
  • Consider the time of the day – Six o’clock might be the ideal dinner time, but at restaurants, its most often the busiest and loudest. Pick a time before or after the dinner rush, which proves to be much quieter.
  • Sit by the quiet talkers – If you have someone who mumbles in your friend group, make sure to sit by them. If one ear hears better than the other, make sure to sit with that ear facing the quiet talker.

5. Better phone conversations

Cellphones are complicated when it comes to hearing loss. Between the bus that keeps driving by and the sound of people talking around you, it often becomes hard to concentrate on your phone conversation.

  • Wear headphones with a microphone – These headphones can not only eliminate noise but also eliminate the need to press your phone against your ear. The headphones directly put the speaker in your ear, rather than the device pressed against it.
  • Make calls via Skype ® or FaceTime™ – Research shows that a combination of seeing a person talk and hearing them talk helps to create a better understanding.
  • Wireless hearing aids  - Wireless hearing aids can connect to your device to stream the audio directly into your ears eliminating the need for any awkward phone conversations. For more information on wireless hearing aids click here.

With a few quick hacks, hearing in any situation can be improved. Although these are great tips, if you find yourself struggling to hear almost everyday, it might be time to contact a hearing professional for a quick hearing screening. 

For more information regarding hearing loss and hearing tips please contact our hearing care professionals at Earfinity in Huntsville, AL and schedule an appointment today!



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