We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

In all my years wearing hearing aids, I know the frustration involved with having this impairment. Getting new hardware, testing, adjustments, and learning the new technology improvements are just a few steps to have your hearing back.

Rebecca Riggs and her staff at Earfinity makes these steps as simple and effortless as possible. They take the time and they do care for your hearing loss as if you were apart of their family. I highly recommend this caring staff to provide you a better quality hearing in life.

Hurley Cat

Rebecca is truly amazing. She far exceeded my expectations of a hearing center. She stays abreast of the newest technology in hearing devices and gives you many options to choose from. You won’t leave until you are completely satisfied. I recommend her to anyone I know that is experiencing hearing loss.

Pam Parker

Earfinity has changed my life. My hearing was being affected by ringing in my ears from Tinnitus. More than 7 years ago I started testing thru my MD doctor and not much could be done. A friend of mine told me about Rebecca Riggs at Earfinity and said that she is the best in town with hearing issues. Since then, Rebecca has made my work, home and travels amazing ! She is warm, caring and understands the hardships that hearing issues can cause at work and at home. The staff at Earfinity are the best and it shows by the number of people that wait to see the professional there in Huntsville and Madison locations. Rebecca can changed your life if you have hearing issues and relate to your embarrassments and emotions you may have not being able to hear. The ringing is still there but I hear better around it with the hearing aids she has fitted me with over the last few years. She is my hearing angel !
Tara and I trust her and the staff at Earfinity !
Tara and Craig (Buster) Addis

Buster and Tara Addis

Rebecca at Earfinity has been a blessing to my husband and family. His hearing loss is significant and she has helped him so much, always willing to spend time to correct any problem and make needed adjustments. We would never go anywhere else, although we have a long drive to see her!

Kim McKay

A loud shout out to Rebecca and the rest of the Earfinity team. From innovative technology, attentive patient care, top-shelf service, and versatile knowledge; they have surpassed all expectations. Earfinity is such a blessing to me and will always be my "go to" for hearing complications. I highly recommend them for anyone who experiences hearing loss.

Ken Comer

Rebecca is absolutely wonderful!!! She listened to all my frustrations about past hearing aids and what I was hoping for in new hearing aids. I couldn't be happier with the hearing aids that Rebecca had me try. I could tell within a few hours of wearing my new hearing aids that they were exactly what I needed! I actually like wearing them!
Thank you Rebecca for the time you took with me to make sure I was going to be getting the right hearing aids for my specific needs! You have literally changed my life for the better!

Trish Stark

Rebecca and Earfinity are wonderful. She is always so accommodating and helpful. Honestly has changed my quality of life. I can hear wonderfully and the products they provide have been life changing for me. I highly recommend Earfinity and Rebecca as they make every visit helpful. I always leave feeling satisfied and happy 😃

Judith Perry

“I experienced sudden loss of hearing in one ear. After surgery, I was able to obtain a device which would send sound through bone conduction from my hearing ear to the device behind my deaf ear. While going through this, Rebecca detected I had some hearing loss in my good ear and needed a hearing aid in that ear. This has changed my life. Rebecca has helped me function normally in my everyday life. I highly recommend Rebecca Riggs and her staff at ”Earfinity.”

Judy Doshier

What a great group of employees offering great products. With Dr. Mark Hagood providing my examination, Rachel White testing my hearing, and Rebecca Riggs fitting and tuning my hearing aids the staff at Earfinity is beyond reproach. Anytime I have needed the programming tuned on my Starkey Livio AI rechargeable hearing aids Rebecca gets me in within a day or two regardless of how busy they are. I am glad to see them opening an additional location in Madison. The Livio AI hearing aids are nothing short of amazing. The sound quality of the other brands I tried was worse than an old AM radio. These Livio AI hearing aids provide much fuller sound quality. One piece of advise, if you have any indication that you suffer from hearing loss get some hearing aids. Earfinity and their staff are the best.

Hank Perkins

I first checked out several competitors and fortunately found Earfinity and Rebecca Riggs. The experience was far far beyond my expectations. She was pleasant and extremely knowledgeable of the products. She told me if ever I had questions or concerns to call and come in. I did have questions and as she promised she went beyond the call of duty to service me and all of my questions. Rebecca is a rare find and I am so glad I was blessed to find her and earfinity!!!

John Dattilo

I’m a patient at Earfinity and I have to say, the staff really cares about the patients. Rebecca took care of making me not only comfortable during my visit, but she also made sure I understood my medical treatments and options.

Katie Anne Carter

Earfinity has a great team of knowledgeable, friendly staff. Rebecca was very helpful and patient, taking the time to address all of my questions and concerns regarding my mother's needs.

kimberly carter

Staff is friendly, location is convenient, lobby is welcoming. My nurse made me feel like I had her full attention. I think Rebecca was her name. Dr. Hagood took the time to listen to my questions and fully answer in terms I could understand.

Hunter Sullivan

Rebecca is the best! I highly recommend Earfinity. Thank you for going above and beyond!

Jose Pelayo

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