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Help - Something's Wrong with my Hearing Aid

July 31, 2017

Like any electronic device, hearing aids will occasionally malfunction. Not to worry – we’re here to assist you in identifying minor hearing aid problems and how to troubleshoot them. This information may save you time and reduce frustration by helping you remedy some of these problems yourself, so you can continue receiving benefit from your hearing aid. If… you experience one of the following problems: -Complete loss of sound-Weak or intermittent amplification-Internal noises or distorted ...

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Protecting Your Hearing During Fireworks Season

July 1, 2017

It’s almost Independence Day! For many, July 4th holiday celebrations will include barbeques, parades and, of course, fireworks. Don’t forget about protecting your ears! Before you enjoy the show, follow these safety tips to protect your hearing from the loud blasts of fireworks. 1. Keep your Distance: Adults should be at least 22 yards away from the fireworks and children should stay 65 yards away. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, firework blasts ...

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