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It's Spring! (Doesn't that sound nice!)

April 19, 2016

Ahh, spring! Many people reminisce about blooming flowers, butterflies and bunnies, or mention “whistling,” “anticipation” and “rebirth.” What comes to mind when you think of spring?

We hear a lot from our patients and customers that spring signals a time of planning and renewal. It’s the season many hearing aid wearers bring their hearing aids in for a “spring cleaning” — and the time people who have been on the fence about treating their hearing loss finally decide to “do something about it.” 

Don’t miss out on the euphoria of spring!

Across the country, people are opening windows for the first time all year, planning summer vacations, planting gardens, biking, hiking and going back outside. And they don’t want to miss a thing. Who can blame them?

And while we encourage people to be proactive about their hearing health year round, spring does feel like a natural time to check “get my hearing tested” off your to-do list. Why?

  • Spring sounds: The birds are back. Cool breezes are blowing through wind chimes. Parks, paths and playgrounds are filling with people and laughter. If these wonderful sounds aren’t as clear or meaningful as they once were, come in for a hearing consultation and let us help you hear — and enjoy — your favorite sounds again. 
  • New technology: Spring is when many hearing technology manufacturers introduce updates and new features to their hearing aids. This spring is no different with best-ever Made for iPhone compatibility, and technology designed specifically to make speech and music sound more crisp, clear and natural than ever. We have this new technology in stock and would love to give you a free demonstration.
  • Summer prep: Before you know it, summer will be here and you’ll be in the thick of vacations, family picnics, outdoor concerts, weekend sporting activities and more. Prepare now and be ready to enjoy every minute by getting all of your hearing concerns taken care of this month!

Whether it’s tuning up your hearing aids, upgrading to a new pair, or just starting the journey of treating your hearing loss, we can help ensure your spring lives up to your memories, hopes and expectations.
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